Nathalie Bonin

I am truly honored and to have been invited to be part of this event both as composer and soloist. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of be a super hero, saving the world, fighting for justice and freedom. Today I believe that these women that we will be honoring are the true super heroes having sacrificed so much and even their lives so that we could have peace, equal rights, freedom and respect. When Amy asked me if I was interested in the project, I was overjoyed and sent her some of my music. She fell in love with two of them and asked if it would be ok to use them in the concert. Tender Dismay and Prayer have never been performed and the later is part of an album that I am putting together at the moment.

Chapter Five, Violin Soloist
This soulful violin solo transcends nations, religions, and ideologies while speaking the language of brotherhood, peace and reconciliation. Soaring in breadth and soulful in character, it binds us together in our common quest for hope, peace and transformation on earth.

Chapter SevenTender Dismay
This piece is a combination of light melody accompanied by multiple layers of string effects creating a somewhat innocent yet sensitive mood combined with disturbing unearthly and slightly disturbing textures to accompany the eerie footage of mass sprayings in the US of cities and populations with DDT during the 1950’s-60’s. This chapter also pays homage to Rachel Carson, Biologist and environmentalist, who warned about its deadly effects in her book, The Silent Spring.

Chapter Eight Prayer
This chapter promises to be very intense and emotional. Nested between Sonita’s powerful performance and Penka’s piece, Prayer will be a moment of mourning, reflection and hope. It is paired with a Memoriam to victims of honor killings.
When I composed this piece, I wanted to create a very sacred mood where we feel the loss and the pain, but also the hope shining through. The strings were arranged to create the effect of the sound of a church organ. Combined with the visuals, it shows the disturbing reality of beautiful women and girls murdered in what should have been the prime of their lives. I hope that Prayer will be able to say musically what is beyond words.

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