Audience Reactions

“You can judge the impact of a concert or an art performance when you hear a large part of the audience crying and sobbing around you, overwhelmed by emotions. I was definitely crying as well during some intense moments at Women Warriors. This art performance has been masterfully created and flawlessly executed by Amy Andersson, with amazing guests artists from all over the World. Watching Afghan rapper Sonita Alizadeh singing in front of a symphony orchestra is an unforgettable experience.”

Pierre Gervois, Producer and Host of The Face of America series

“Moving, powerful, and downright (I kid you not!) spiritual, the Women Warriors: The Voices of Change concert at Lincoln Center was one of the most envigorating live performances I’ve attended in years. As a concert alone – a live musical compendium of styles from around the world running the gamut from sublime to powerful, it would have been more than worth it. As a dazzlingly complex (exquisitely timed to the smallest musical note) multimedia presentation, *that* alone was a brilliantly conceived and executed feat of both technical and artistic beauty which could have carried the evening in and of itself. And as an historical documentation of how historically a “woman’s place” is in changing that place for the betterment of all on a global scale, … I was floored. WOMEN WARRIORS brought before me the names of a few world movers and shakers of whom this history lover was never ever even aware. Each of those facets of producer / conductor Amy Andersson’s stunningly realized creation were moving masterpieces in and of themselves. But combined they created an energy in the auditorium which was alive and palpable. My God – one hell of an evening!”

Craig Ellis Jamison, Producer/Co-host The MOVIE SNEAK Podcast

“Loved the Women Warriors concert last Friday at Alice Tully Hall. The entire production, from the excellent music to the superb performances, and the artistic and professional flow of the show—with so many different performers, electronic visuals, imaginative orchestrations, terrific musicians and singers—and wonderful conducting (!)—was a triumph of biblical proportions! Congratulations! Most of all, the music and the message was inspiring!”

Paul Chihara, Film Composer

“Last night’s Women Warriors: The Voices of Change” concert at Lincoln Center, was breathtaking, inspiring, painful, & joyful. The music – married to the video -was transcendent. There were standing ovations throughout the evening as each chapter grabbed everyone in the heart. BRAVA Amy Andersson who gave birth to this BIG idea. BRAVAS to the brilliant composers, orchestrators, musicians, singers, rapper, activist disrupters who took the stage. Not an empty seat. Not a dry eye.”

Elisabeth Rose, Composer/Singer/Songwriter

Audience interviews after the premiere at Alice Tully Hall, 9/20/19. Footage Courtesy of David Rodwin.
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