Women Warriors: The Voices of Change is now a Grammy-nominated album (2022) and award-winning documentary film that has been winning film festivals all over the globe in 2021

Bonnie Marcus, Forbes, 12/14/21

It started with a dream. Legendary voting and women’s rights activist, Fannie Lou Hammer, spoke to her with a clarion call to protect the sacred right to vote. That call for action motivated orchestra conductor, Amy Andersson, to begin to research the stories of the many women who dedicated their lives in the pursuit of a more equitable world, and women now fighting for social justice, human and civil rights, environmental causes, minority rights, gender equality and for the right of every girl to an education.


Women Warriors: Voices Of Change Left Me Speechless

Stacey Hoffer September 26, 2019

Amy Andersson’s vision, collaborations, and performance at Lincoln Center last week was literally one of the most spectacular performances I’ve ever witnessed.


Women Warriors Capture the Audience at NY’s Alice Tully Hall

BMI News, 9/24/19

BMI composers Amy Andersson, Miriam Cutler, Lolita Ritmanis, Starr Parodi, Isolde Fair, Mandy Hoffman and Penka Kouneva, along with composers Anne-Kathrin Dern, Sharon Farber and violinist Nathalie Bonin, paid inspiring tribute to some of the women who have changed the course of history on Friday with their stunning concert, Women Warriors: The Voices of Change. The concept for this groundbreaking event was developed by world-class conductor Amy Andersson.


Front Row Center: Women Warriors: The Voices of Change Review

Elizabeth Ann Foster, The Front Row Center, 9/24/19

Amy Andersson may have struck gold by creating Orchestra Moderne NYC. It is a great way to engage a new generation to orchestral music through the communicative power of multi-media.


Orchestra Moderne NYC: Women Warriors: The Voices of Change in Review

Frank Daykin, New York Concert Review Inc., 9/22/19

This concert event should be required viewing at the U.N. general assembly that begins in New York on Monday; and it should be done in every high school and college domestically and worldwide…..May there be many more.


Female Composers Worked on 1% of Top Films Since 2007 – Can a New Concert Help Even the Score?

Richard Stellar, Hollyblogs, The Wrap, 9/4/19

…while women in the entertainment industry have made historic gains in representation both on and off camera, the percentage of film composers who are women has remained dismal.


BMI Composers Celebrate Women Warriors Who Have Changed the World

Nina Pacent, BMI News, 9/4/19

Even the concert’s name, Women Warriors: The Voices of Change, evokes powerful inspirational imagery. Now, this groundbreaking live-action event promises to take that emotion to the next level by celebrating some of the world’s most compelling women at 8 PM on September 20, at New York City’s Alice Tully Hall.


Women Warriors: The Voices of Change was featured in a 12-page, exclusive in-depth article in The Score, the Society of Composers and Lyricists quarterly journal. 

Breaking the Sound Barrier: How MPath is Creating a Network for Women in Music

Sherri Daley and Mirette Seireg, Ms., 8/22/19

…women cite common concerns when working in the music industry: Their skills are discounted; they lack a viable support system in a male-dominated profession; and they are concerned about financial instability—to name a few.


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