Riga Cathedral Girls’ Choir TIARA

Conductor Amy Andersson spoke with the Riga Cathedral Girls’ Choir TIARA on her visit to Latvia in February 2020. This world-renowned choir, conducted by Aira Birzina, was featured in the Finale of Women Warriors: The Voices of Change Lincoln Center premiere. They sang We Rise onscreen and clapped and waved as the audience cheered.  

Ms. Andersson shared her life’s passion with these talented and remarkable young women: Universal educational rights for girls.

“100 million girls worldwide are denied an education because of their gender. Imagine the scientists, researchers, doctors, and world leaders that would emerge if girls were given equal access to schools. Women and girls, with their natural strength, intelligence and resilience are the key to the progression of social and civil rights for all people, and the answer for creating a more just and humane world.”

Amy Andersson

Photography © Sanita Sparāne

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