Women Warriors: The Voices of Change soundtrack is now available! Recorded live In Riga, Latvia In February 2020, this collector’s edition CD includes a richly detailed, 28 page color booklet. This thrilling soundtrack has won a 2022 GRAMMY® for “Best Classical Compendium.”

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  1. Prologue. Lolita Ritmanis, composer. 3:18
  2. The Long Road. Lolita Ritmanis, composer. 7:40
  3. Women Unite. Miriam Cutler, composer. 2:52
  4. AIDS Crisis. Penka Kouneva, composer. 4:10
  5. Joy of the Waters. Starr Parodi, composer and pianist.  2:30
  6. Build Peace. Penka Kouneva, composer. Nathalie Bonin, violin. 4:31
  7. Hurriyah: Wind in My Hair. Sharon Farber, composer and vocals.  2:52
  8. Tender Dismay. Nathalie Bonin, composer. 2:22
  9. Standing Rock. Penka Kouneva, composer. 2:23
  10. Earth Activists. Miriam Cutler, composer. 2:51
  11. Prayer. Nathalie Bonin, composer. 3:24
  12. Our Truth, Our Power. Penka Kouneva, composer. 3:45
  13. Say Their Names. Sharon Farber, composer. 2:30
  14. He Is Not Coming Back. Anne Kathrin-Dern, composer. 1:20
  15. Rise Until We Stand. Isolde Fair, Starr Parodi composers. Isolde Fair, vocals, Starr Parodi, piano. 3:36
  16. Me Too. Penka Kouneva, composer. 4:15
  17. Honor Her. Penka Kouneva, composer. 4:19
  18. We Rise. Lolita Ritmanis, composer. Amy Andersson, lyrics. Gillian Hassert, vocals. Riga Cathedral Girls' Choir TIARA. 4:16
  19. End Credits: Hopeful. Penka Kouneva, composer. 1:57
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*All proceeds go directly to our New York State registered Music Resonates, Inc. 501(c)3. EIN # 82-1596179. Your donation supports the promotion of Women Warriors: The Voices of Change to schools, university music programs, conservatories and symphony orchestras. With thrilling, live non-profit concerts, Women Warriors: The Voices of Change will continue to showcase the talents of female composers, and spread the message of hope and empowerment to women and girls.

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