Miram Cutler

When I was invited to be part of Women Warriors, my response was an enthusiastic YES! I’m both an activist and an artist; I need the combination of social consciousness and music that documentaries provide. There is a deep sense of purpose and commitment to telling real stories in a responsible way. Amy’s vision for this concert is ambitious and offers the opportunity for us to join together in creating a powerful expression of our desire to heal the planet and work towards environmental and social justice.

Chapter Two   Women Unite
My piece for Chapter 2, “Freedom–Women Unite” accompanies footage of the feminist struggle to achieve true equality. I was lucky enough to be in college when the second wave of feminism exploded into our culture. I have tried to express the outrage, excitement, and hope we all felt as young women participating in that revolutionary vision of a better and more just future. Today we enjoy so many freedoms that were so hard won, and continue to be challenged.

Chapter Seven   Climate Revolutionaries
Chapter 7, “Climate Revolutionaries” is meant to underscore the very real connection women have with the earth, and the understanding that we need to heal ourselves and our planet. And the reality that we now must come together on a global scale to fight for earth justice and life itself.

Learn more about Miram Cutler here: https://miriamcutler.com

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