Mark Mattson

Mark Mattson is a Grammy© winning recording engineer, mixer, songwriter, and producer. His work as engineer/mixer can be heard on numerous television and film projects for Warner Brothers (“Batman Beyond” “Justice League” “The Killing Joke” “Ben 10” “Teen Titans” “Young Justice”) Marvel Studios (“Avengers Assemble” “Marvel Rising”) as well as for DisneyThe Hallmark ChannelCartoon Networkand ABC. As a producer/songwriter/arranger, Mark has collaborated with diverse artists on many award winning albums, commercials, and recording projects. As a live sound engineer, he has both national and international touring experience and he has also written, directed, and produced over 70 live shows in his capacity as educator & musical director at several prominent LA area schools. Most recently, he received a Grammy© nomination for his work as engineer, mixer, and co-producer of the album Women Warriors: The Voices Of Change.

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