Isolde Fair

Isolde is 15 years old and attends a performing arts high school in the Los Angeles area, going into the 10th grade next year. She began playing the violin when she was still in preschool at the age of 5 years, playing in the car to the radio and singing along to the songs. This, as well as playing the piano and writing songs has always been her passion and she relates to the world through music.

Isolde has been studying classical violin for 10 years and currently studies with solo violin artist Fabiola Kim. She has been the concert master of her orchestra at school, and has won numerous awards as a violinist (Kiwanis Competition 1st Place, California Statewide Honors Orchestras, Interlochen honors recital recipient).

Isolde has had some wonderful opportunities to perform & record with world class artists (members of Cirque du Soleil, Louis Price, the former lead singer of The Temptations, British BBC recording artist Callaghan) in professional concerts & recordings.

As a singer/songwriter and pianist, Isolde wrote the song “To All the Little Girls” as a music class assignment inspired by Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, and it has become an empowering message that has resonated with listeners around the world. Isolde was invited in April 2017 at 13 years old, to sing and perform her song at Lincoln Center as part of the “Women In The World Summit” hosted by Scarlett Johansson. She also performed “To All The Little Girls” at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle backed by a 180-voice womens choir for 5 sold-out performances. Isolde’s video,”To All The Little Girls” ,was nominated for The RoundGlass Music Award (an international award focused on socially responsible music) and a Hollywood Music In Media Award for Best Music Video. In 2016 she won the award of excellence (1st place) in the Reflections Contest for Los Angeles area schools, for a song she wrote and performed on piano and voice called “You Can Fly”.

Her song “Rise”, which she will be performing for “Women Warriors: The Voices of Change” speaks to the message that you must keep trying and using your voice without giving up, so that you are heard. Isolde’s segment of the concert will play during the video dealing with the Parkland School shooting, and Isolde’s lyric ,“see the violence in the street, running rampant, I don’t want it to repeat”, echos the misgivings and fear of so many young people who have to deal with the reality of gun violence in their schools.

Isolde is filled with gratitude for being invited to take part in this important event that celebrates the bravery of individuals who have spoken out to make a change for the better. The lyrics of her song, “We rise until we’re standing, we rise until we’re strong, our dreams are never ending, so we rise until we’re standing”, are anthemic and hopeful of a coming change in the world.

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