Anne-Katherin Dern

HE IS NOT COMING BACK was initially written for a Mongolian open air stage play back in 2017. Mongolia is known for its magnificent horses and its traditional cavalry. This play was about a warrior who has to leave home to ride into battle. He eventually falls defending his home and this particular track is about his family’s realization that he is not coming back.

It means a lot to have one of my pieces featured in this magnificent concert. Not only does the content of the piece go brilliantly with the Black Lives Matter In Memoriam section, it also retroactively gives it a deeper cultural meaning. It is an honor to be featured among such esteemed peers of mine and as someone who frequently fights for gender equality in our particular industry it is heartwarming to have our music support the stories of women warriors throughout history in other fields. They are the reason why we get to do what we do today.

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