Some of the Featured Women Warriors

Women Warriors: The Voices of Change celebrates the heroism of female activists who have turned the wheel of justice forward with courage, strength, and valor. Over 60 remarkable women, many of them forgotten from history or largely ignored, are featured in this documentary. Here below are some of the women that are featured in this original 80-minute film, created single-handedly by conductor Amy Andersson. 

Helen of Anjou

Queen consort of the Serbian Kingdom who built a school for girls.

Olympe De Gouges

French playwright who openly criticized the slave trade.

Mary Wollenstonecraft

English writer and advocate of Women’s Rights.

Fannie Lou Hamer

Voting Rights Activist who was arrested, beaten and thrown into jail when she tried to register to vote in 1962.

Sonita Alizadeh

Afghan songwriter/rapper who was once a child bride for sale in Iran. She is known for her human rights work against child marriage.

Supreme Court Justice
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court Justice who has fought for gender quality her entire career.

Greta Thunberg

Swedish climate change activist who started a revolution at 15 with her “School Strikes for Climate Change.”

Masih Alinejad

Human right’s activist and author of The Wind in My Hair. My Fight for Human Rights in Modern Iran.